My printer/framer will be out of town from Jan 11th-19th. Orders can still be placed, but please allow more time for your order to be processed. Thank you for your understanding.

Things to know:

If buying a framed print, you can choose any of the four frames offered, with no difference in price.

Depending on the size chosen, some cropping may occur.  On most prints, sizes that will not require cropping include 8×12, 12×18, 16×24, 20×30 and 24×36.

Once the order is place, your framed prints can be ready for pick up in as little as two to five business days. I am located in Payson, near the temple. Direct pick up is encouraged.

Shipping is available for all unframed purchases for a flat $4. Framed prints generally aren’t shipped, but please contact me if this will be needed.

I accept many forms of payment: Cash, check, credit/debit and PayPal.  Cash is preferred, if possible.


If purchasing a framed print: Professional framing is done by the same framer used by popular LDS bookstores, like Deseret Book and Seagull Book. Your print will be mounted on a rigid support and layered with a clear coating for protection and a slight texture. There is no glass between the photo and the viewer, similar to the look and feel of a canvas print. The print is then framed, and comes wired, ready to hang.

If purchasing a print only: Your print will come on a high quality photo paper, unmounted.

The watermark “Tausha Coates Fine Art Photography” is for web purposes only, and will not be on the final print.  All prints 11×14 and larger signed are by the artist.

Special Requests:

Looking for something a little different? I will gladly work with you to get you what you are looking for. Some variations may include black and white, sepia tones, odd or larger sizes, special framing requests etc.  Please email me regarding any special requests at